Local 179 – Saint Mary’s University Return to Campus OHS Issues

To members of Local 179,

As many of you know, Saint Mary’s University would like for most of us to return to campus as of August 1, 2021, though some departments have returned as of Monday, July 5.

We have concerns with the University’s decision to return to campus full-time when there are still people who have not been fully vaccinated. Additionally, no plans have been shared with the union regarding working remotely vs. working in the office.

The Executive Committee has received several emails from members identifying concerns with workplace occupational health & safety (OHS) measures on their return to work. In some offices, social distancing rules haven’t being adhered to, plexiglass hasn’t been put up to shield receptionists/secretaries, and there has been a lack of sanitizer available.

We want to thank members who have taken the time to notify the local and encourage others to do the same. Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility and should be continually improving. It is up to each of us and the employer to make sure that any improvements are being identified and implemented. Please email your Steward and/or a member of the Executive listed below with any OH&S concerns.

Though we are all glad that restrictions are easing, COVID does remain a concern, particularly with the Lambda and Delta variants. Our priority is ensuring that members of Local 179 remain safe. It is important to remain united and work together to continually improve workplace safety.

In solidarity,

Local 179 Executive Committee

Contact Emails:

Natasha Cabot (Chief Steward) : Chiefsteward179@gmail.com

Mary Jane MacNeil (Steward): Mj.macneil@gmail.com

Sandra Fougere (Steward) : sandrafougere@gmail.com

Shannon Rhode (Secretary) : secretarylocal179@gmail.com

Liliane Bassil (President) : liliane_bassil@hotmail.com

John Allen (Treasurer) : johndouglasallen@eastlink.ca

Dawn Delaney (Vice-President/Chief Steward) : graydawn25@gmail.com

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