Message to Case Aides & Social Workers re: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Dear member,

This update is to ensure NSGEU members working in Community Services as Case Aids and Social Workers are aware that they should work with their managers to secure appropriate PPE, such as masks.

All members are encouraged to conduct a point of care risk assessment when fulfilling their work duties to determine what PPE/masks are most appropriate to keep them safe. Many of you conduct in-home visits or transfer individuals in your vehicles. You are entitled to request N95 masks for these specific situations. PPE such as masks, are critical to keeping you and your co-workers safe. Any requests for equipment, such as N95 masks, should be made directly to your manager.

Your employer has communicated to the Union that your well-being remains a top priority and they are working to support employees as they provide critical services to those who need them.

Omicron continues to transmit between people at an alarming rate. Masking is one way you can protect yourself and the people you work with. If you receive any push back from your employer about accessing appropriate PPE please contact your Employee Relations Officer.

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