Reminder to remain vigilant and maintain health & safety protocols

Dear members,

Thank you all for providing valuable public services at this difficult time. We know that in many cases working with COVID health and safety protocols has made work more arduous. Fatigue, if it hasn’t already, is sinking in.

This is a reminder that it is very important to keep up with your health & safety protocols. We are hearing reports of members contracting COVID-19 in the workplace. In some cases, this is happening due to a lack of safety protocols adapted by your employers. However, it is also happening because protocols are not being adhered to by us at all times. When we relax, the virus takes advantage of that.

Please remain vigilant about masking, distancing, and other safety precautions specific to your workplace situation. The variants are here in Nova Scotia and they are more contagious than before. It is important to work safely. Please remind each other in kind ways to maintain public health guidelines. Health & safety starts with you.

If you encounter work situations you feel are unsafe, or if you do not have appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) please report these to your supervisor. You do have the right to refuse unsafe work. You can contact the NSGEU if you choose to do this and need any support.

Thank you and please be safe.

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