Local 21-Emergency Medical Care Inc.: Notification of media release sent earlier today about EMCI’s failure to protect our members

Dear members,

Earlier today President Jason MacLean sent a letter (click here to view) to your employer regarding the exposures at your workplace.

Please note: any members who test positive should complete a WCB form.

Following is the media release that was also sent out:

The NSGEU has been informed of a number of COVID exposures within the 811 call centre, which is operated by Emergency Medical Care Inc. As of this morning, there are two confirmed cases at this facility, as well as a number of workers awaiting tests and test results.

Despite having what now constitutes an outbreak at this workplace, the employer and government, which funds the service, are refusing to allow these members to work remotely.

The work that is being done by 811 workers is essential work, but it can absolutely be done safely and effectively off-site.

“This is completely unacceptable. The Premier and Dr. Strang have called on all businesses who are able to allow their workers to work from home. They need to lead by example here, and allow these workers to move off-site to ensure their own safety and ensure the continuity of this important service,” said NSGEU President Jason MacLean.

We are calling on this employer and government to immediately allow these workers to move off-site to continue their important work in a safe environment.

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