Local 222 Election Update

We are pleased to report that your local executive was elected on Wednesday, February 22.

The result is below.

Local 222 Executive

President Joe Kaiser joekaiser@outlook.com

Vice President Aviva Donaldson avivad1976@gmail.com

Secretary Melanie Parker melanieparker21@hotmail.com

Treasurer Leslie Anderson leslieanderson45227@gmail.com

Chief Steward Ashley Staples ashleystaples77@gmail.com

Pension Committee

Pension Committee Voting Member Melanie Parker melanieparker21@hotmail.com

Pension Committee Alternate: Jamy-Ellen Klenavic

Still to be Elected

Your executive will be scheduling a meeting to elect the following positions.

Benefits Committee Member

Regional Councilors (5 + 5 alternates)

Occupational Councilors (4+ 4 alternates)

Labour Management Committee Members

JOHS Committee Members

Provincial Committee Pool

Young Worker Representative

Equity Representative

The Roles and Responsibilities of these position can be found here

To understand the NSGEU structure better, please have a look at the Welcome to NSGEU Video (About – NSGEU) and the Structure Overview that can be beginning on page 9 of the Steward Handbook. (Local Officer Resources – NSGEU)


Dates have been set for March 22 and April 24 to continue bargaining with your Employer. Your bargaining committee is preparing an update and will have it to you soon.


Stewardship is a priority, and your Chief Steward will be working toward recruitment and training of Stewards. You’ll be receiving information on Stewardship soon.

Thank you so much for your support.

Your NSGEU Local 222 Executive

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