Local 55 – Workers’ Compensation Board Bargaining Update: Strike Vote Information

Dear Local 55 members;

Please click here to view and download the strike information package

Your Bargaining Committee Needs a strike vote from all members of Local 55 to reach a fair agreement for all members.

After thirteen (13) days at the bargaining table, your Bargaining Committee has filed for conciliation. Virtually all items under discussion remain unresolved, although achieving a tentative agreement could be possible with a breakthrough on job security improvements.

Your employer, the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), is undergoing extensive transformation. They have made fundamental changes to systems and processes, which will result in the elimination of many bargaining unit positions. Although your Collective Agreement contains reasonable job security language, improvements are required to create vacant positions and to mitigate the impact of contracting out of bargaining unit work.

Your Bargaining Committee seeks a strike vote to protect jobs at the WCB, and to send a message to your employer that they cannot eliminate jobs and lay people off without adequate job security protections.

This information package was prepared to answer your questions and to provide information on upcoming meetings plus the voting process. Please come to a meeting, share information, talk to your co-workers and vote!

A strong strike vote is the only way to conclude a fair Collective Agreement on your behalf.

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