Local 83 – Northside Homemakers – Proposals Exchanged

Your bargaining committee met with your employer on Tuesday, May 21st to exchange bargaining proposals. Copies of these proposals are now being mailed out to all members of Local 83.

The committee has notified the employer that we will be presenting your wage package at a later date. The employer will contact the committee for another day to meet after they review your proposals with their funding source.

If you have any questions about the bargaining process or the steps to come, please contact a member of your bargaining committee or the NSGEU at 424-4063 (toll free 1-877-556-7438), or email inquiry@nsgeu.ca.


Bargaining Committee:

Patricia Devoe   trishdevoe@hotmail.com

Mary Luker  Phone: 794-2128

Deborah Nicholson debandjoe2009@hotmail.com

Donnie MacNeil, Chief Negotiator



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