Local 87: Seeking Volunteers!

Dear members of Local 87,

The NSGEU is putting out an EOI (Expression of Interest) for two bargaining unit members to be representatives on the Smooth Week Schedule Review Committee (details are below).

Members interested must presently work 12-hour shifts and those who put their names forward will be chosen by the union as per the MOA #2 (see below).

If you are interested in participating on this committee please forward your name to Lynette Johnson at ljohnson@nsgeu.ca and Trish MacDonald at tmacdonald@nsgeu.ca no later than Friday, May 22nd.



Re: Smooth Week Schedule Review

The Employer and the Union will commence Smooth Week Schedule Review within four (4) weeks of ratification. The Representatives of the Employer and the Union participating in the review will consist of three (3) Employer representatives, two (2) NSGEU representatives, and two (2) bargaining unit members who work 12-hour shifts. The bargaining unit members shall be selected by the Union. The purpose is to review the 12-hour shift arrangements for smoothing schedules for full-time employees and part-time employees, including discussion on:

 *  smooth week schedule options *  implementation of smoothing and smoothing reconciliation *  hours of work, pay, and utilization of the employees’ vacation and stat time as part of any smoothing schedule options

The group shall may meet as often as they deem necessary. The group shall present the findings from its work and make a recommendation to the Employer by June 15, 2020.

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