LPN Reclassification Update

Good afternoon,

The NSGEU reached an agreement last week with the NSHA that provides a process that will conclude the LPN issue in a timely manner.

The parties have agreed to follow the process outlined in the collective agreement, and have the Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJE) assess the substantial alterations in the LPN classification by April 3rd. The JJE is comprised of three union and three employer representatives trained in the job evaluation process.

This agreement will significantly expedite a resolution to the long-standing LPN reclassification process, by providing strict enforceable deadlines for all next steps.

If the JJE is unable to reach complete agreement before April 17th, either of the parties may, on or before April 22nd, refer those remaining issues to the Joint Steering Committee (JSC). The JSC is made up of a senior staff person from the NSGEU and an employer representative, both of whom have significant experience in the job evaluation system.

If any issues need to be referred to the JSC for resolution, representatives from both the NSGEU and NSHA will, between April 23rd and 29th, meet and attempt to resolve the referred issues between themselves. If there are any issues which cannot be resolved by the JSC by April 29th, they shall be referred on for resolution by an independent Chair by Friday, May 1st.

The parties have agreed to appoint Arbitrator Lorraine Lafferty to act as the Chair. She will have authority to enforce these deadlines and give such directions and orders as she deems necessary to ensure that a final hearing shall take place from Wednesday, June 10th to Friday June 12th. After this time, the Chair will issue a final, binding written decision. Ultimately, she will decide on any corresponding monetary increase for the LPN reclassification.

We appreciate the patience and support you have shown throughout this arduous process. We look forward to finally reaching a conclusion to this matter on behalf of all of our LPNs and will keep you updated as we move forward through these final stages.

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