MEDIA RELEASE: NSGEU Advises Education Support Staff to Refuse Struck Work

The NSGEU has learned today that some school board administrators are trying to undermine impending job action of teachers by asking our members to violate the Department of Education’s own provincial guidelines.

These guidelines state that the responsibility of safety and well-being cannot be transferred or delegated to a non-teaching staff member. This means that non-teaching staff, such as Educational Assistants and other non-teaching staff members we represent, cannot supervise students before or after school, or during breaks, without an NSTU member present. (See  Section 4, Roles & Responsibilities of Teachers & Principals of the Department of Education Teacher Assistant Guidelines)

“We have advised all of our members who work in a support capacity in our schools to refuse these additional duties, and are calling on government to immediately provide an explanation of how they plan to ensure the wellbeing and safety of students,” said Jason MacLean.

In addition, by asking NSGEU members to take on duties that are normally performed by teachers, they are asking our members to do “struck work.” We have advised members to refuse on these grounds, as well, as they have the right to refuse and are protected from disciplinary action under Section 53 of the Trade Union Act.

The NSGEU represents approximately 2,000 Educational & Teachers Assistants, Secretaries & Administrative Assistants, Clerks, IT Specialists, Library Staff, Student Support Workers, Native Student Advisors, Outreach Workers, Bus Drivers, Monitors and Mechanics, and other support staff who are a critical part of our public education system.

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