MEDIA RELEASE: NSGEU Calls for Mandatory Masking Policy at Hospitals

On Tuesday, the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) announced they would begin lifting visitor restrictions at hospitals throughout our province. While this is obviously exciting news for patients, the lack of a mandatory masking policy for visitors is alarming, as it will leave both patients and healthcare workers vulnerable to potential infection.

“I find it shocking that government would allow the Health Authority to implement a policy that clearly will expose vulnerable Nova Scotians and the health care workers we all are counting on during this pandemic to COVID-19,” said NSGEU President Jason MacLean.

“Since March 15th, we have heard the Premier and Chief Medical Officer lecture us on a daily basis about controlling the spread of this virus, and here we have them allowing it march right into our hospitals’ front doors.”

While visitors will be screened and must observe physical distancing guidelines, we know that many cases are spread via people who are infected but have no symptoms, and they are sure to come into contact with many people and surfaces while they are in the hospital visiting their loved ones.

We are calling on the government and NSHA to ensure a mandatory masking policy for visitors is in place at all hospitals in our province. It is the safe and responsible thing to do.

– 30 –
The Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union represents over 31,000 women and men who provide quality public services Nova Scotians count on every day.
For more information, please contact:
Holly Fraughton, NSGEU Communications Officer, 902-471-1781 (cell) 

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