Message to members about the upcoming Provincial election.

Dear member,

As you may know, Premier Iain Rankin called a provincial election this past weekend for Tuesday, August 17th.

Some of you may be wondering, “Why is my union writing me about a provincial election?”

The answer is simple: what takes place in the Legislature affects all NSGEU members. This is why it is so important for each and every one of you to vote in this election. Get to know who is running in your constituency, what do they stand for as individuals? But, just as importantly, get familiar with the platforms of each of the parties, because regardless of how nice a candidate is as an individual, it’s the party platform that will dictate government MLAs action over the next four years.

The NSGEU has dealt with numerous different governments. Some were good, some were okay and some were bad, it’s only during an election that the people have power and this is why it is so important to understand what politicians really mean in their platforms. When you listen to the daily commitments during an election remember to ask yourself how these actions could possibly impact you and your family. Are their parties talking about budget reductions? Ask them how they plan to pay for services. Are parties talking about reducing taxes? How will they make up revenue shortfalls to pay for the services Nova Scotians depend on? And when it comes to anyone talking about privatization, remember that this is a direct threat to all public servants.

This message is in no way meant to be your union telling you how to vote. The NSGEU is a non-partisan union, however, if our members are attacked we will always defend.

The NSGEU and the Political Action Committee will be sending a questionnaire to each of the parties asking for each party’s take on issues important to NSGEU members and Nova Scotians, because in the end we are all Nova Scotians. During the week of August 9th we will be posting the answers we receive from each of the leaders and will share the information with you.

This election is important in defining the future of Nova Scotia. It is the middle of summer and I know its hard to focus on the daily issues, especially after the last 18 months, but voting is easy. Check out the Elections Nova Scotia website for safe, early voting option, especially if you may be away on Election Day – .

Thanks you for taking the time to read this message and I look forward to sending you more information over the course of the election.

Enjoy the good weather, get to know the issues and VOTE.

In Solidarity,

Jason MacLean

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