Senate blocks passage of Bill C-377

Today, the Senate proved its worth to Canadian workers, and lived up to its promise to provide a house of “sober second thought” to check the power of the lower house of government, blocking the passage of Bill C-377.

As the Globe and Mail reported this afternoon:

“The Conservative-dominated Senate has blocked a government-approved union disclosure bill from becoming law, voting instead to amend the bill by removing its key provisions.” (read the full story)

The proposed legislation was an outright attack on unions like the NSGEU: Bill C-377 specifically targeted labour organizations, requiring highly detailed reporting and disclosure on a public website. In fact, no other organizations – public, private or crown corporations, non-profits, charities or political parties – would be subject to the same disclosure obligations. (Read more about the implications of Bill C377)

But make no mistake: this battle is far from over.

The Senate voted to amend the bill by removing key provisions, which means it will be brought back before the House of Commons in the fall. We need to keep the pressure up, and speak out to make sure our unions and our members are protected from the unnecessary and invasive piece of legislation.


In solidarity,

Joan Jessome, President, NSGEU

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