Speak Up for Health Care!

Dear Health Care Workers,

I am writing to you today to ask you to please take a moment to participate in the upcoming Speak Up for Health Care consultations that have begun to take place throughout the province.

I realize that many of you are burnt out and exhausted from the work you have been doing over the past 18 months, and that we are asking a lot of you by asking you to take the time to participate in this process, but it is so important that your voices are heard. As your union, we are also doing our best to arrange for meetings with the new Premier and Minister of Health and Wellness so we may advocate on your behalf, but it is absolutely critical that they hear directly from you, as well.

There are a few ways you can participate.

It is imperative that leaders from this new government hear directly from you – the frontline workers – about what your challenges are, and what ideas you have for improving our health care system, if we hope to see meaningful change.

Thank you, once again, for being there to care for Nova Scotians when we have needed you most.

In solidarity,

Jason MacLean

President, NSGEU

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