Statement of Support for Teachers

Today, the Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU) Executive announced they will be enacting a work-to-rule campaign starting next week, as the first phase of strike action against Stephen McNeil’s Liberal government.

Making the decision to take any form of job action is not easy, and our members understand that all too well. However, sometimes you must make difficult decisions to stand up against injustice, even though it may cause inconvenience.

Make no mistake: the way Stephen McNeil and this Liberal government has approached public sector bargaining is unjust. They have stubbornly refused to participate in the collective bargaining process with any public sector workers in a meaningful way, and as a result, our province is now faced with an unprecedented labour disruption. Any blame for this disruption lies solely on the shoulders of the Premier.

The NSGEU stands fully behind our teachers in their upcoming job actions, as they fight to achieve a fair collective agreement. While our Civil Servants do not have the right to strike, we will be asking them to show their solidarity with teachers by rejecting government’s final offer in our upcoming vote.

We would encourage the Premier to show some respect for teachers – as well as all other public sector workers who deliver valuable public services in this province – and return to the bargaining table to bargain in good faith.

In solidarity,

Jason MacLean

President, NSGEU

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