Strike Update: Keep the Pressure on Politicians!

The first full week of the strike is behind us and it’s important that we keep up the pressure! Please consider the following tactics and encourage your friends and family members to help out, as well.

Call politicians

We are asking that you contact your MLA and ask to speak to them about why you and your local are on STRIKE. You are unlikely to catch your MLA in their constituency office now, as the Legislature is currently in session, but you can leave a message and ask for an in-person or telephone meeting.

Let them know who you are, that you are a constituent, and that you want to know whether they believe people working the same job should get the same wage regardless of where they live in Nova Scotia. Request a meeting and follow up with an email, also requesting a meeting. Remember to be polite, and please report back on the response you receive!

You can find your MLA and Electoral District here:

You should also reach out to the Minister of Education and the Premier and ask the same questions:

Social Media

If you aren’t doing so already, please follow us on Facebook and share our posts to get the word out!


We launched an e-action, which is an online campaign that allows people to easily send a message to politicians (the Premier, Minister of Education, Opposition leaders and your own MLA). More than 1,200 people have sent in messages already. Please fill the form out and make sure you get family and friends to do so, as well!

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