It’s Blue Monday

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The NSGEU Board of Directors recognizes the important work NSGEU members do every day helping to support people who are struggling with mental health issues in Nova Scotia.

Blue Monday is the third Monday in January and for a variety of reasons is considered one of the most depressing days of the year. Christmas is over, bills need to be paid, and there is not much daylight in the few daylight hours we have. It is a perfect opportunity to talk to each other about mental health and advocate for more resources to be put towards mental health in the province.

Research has shown that depression is the fourth leading cause of disability and premature death worldwide. Yet, less than 4% of the health budget in Nova Scotia is devoted to the treatment of all forms of mental illness including depression.  Our members who work in mental health are often working understaffed and are calling for more support.

These are just some of the reasons why NSGEU delegates to our 2016 Convention voted unanimously to continue to support the work of the Mental Health Coalition of Nova Scotia (MHCNS). The Coalition’s vision is to ensure people living with and affected by mental illness in Nova Scotia have access to timely and effective resources and relevant healthcare choices to achieve optimal mental health. Their mission is to raise the priority of mental health issues on the government agenda and address the chronic under funding of services.

So on Blue Monday, let’s thank the women and men who work in mental health and renew the call for more funding and support for appropriate mental health services in Nova Scotia.

Let’s lift each other up – in solidarity.

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