Action Alert: Stop the College of Physicians from Pushing Privatization! Info Picket June 17th

Action Alert: Stop the College of Physicians from Pushing Privatization!  

Info Picket

8:45 am, Tuesday June 17th,

7071 Bayers Road*

At their recent annual general meeting, the NS College of Physicians and Surgeons announced that they are getting ready for privatization of health care. The CEO of the College, Dr. Gus Grant, said that private care “is the way of the future” and that preparing to regulate private health care is part of the College’s strategic direction for the next 2 years.

 Private health care is unequal and unsafe!

Come show the College of Physicians that Nova Scotians want public health care!

*Meet at 8:45am in front of the College’s office building 7071 Bayers Road (Former Zellers location, near Canadian Blood Services) Bayers Road Centre. Click here for directions. We’ll hand out leaflets to people walking in, and register a complaint with the college for putting patients at risk by embracing privatization.*


The Health Network finds it appalling that the college would embrace such a position:

  1. The safest health care is public; by trying to regulate privatization they are deeming private clinics safe when decades of research show otherwise.
  2. Regulation accepts and legitimizes the role of private clinics, instead of bringing them into the public, and allows for a further development of a two tier system.
  3. Regulation is both extremely costly and ineffective. The US spends billions each year to regulate private providers and they still lose hundreds of billions each year to fraud and abuse.

For more information contact:

James Hutt

Provincial Coordinator

Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network



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