Know your rights! Watch this video outlining details of Bill 1. Read what the BC Teachers have to say about Bill 1

Take a half-hour to watch this video!

Step-by-Step through Bill 1 with labour lawyer Ray Larkin

Read what the BC Teachers’ Federation have to say about Bill 1

This is a reminder as the union begins the mediation process:

If you haven’t already done so, please take a half hour to watch NSGEU legal counsel, Ray Larkin, take members through Bill 1 step-by-step. His explanations of the details of the Bill are straightforward and informative.

Watch the video here: /labour-lawyer-ray-larkin-on-bill-1/

Bill 1 may only apply to health care workers in the District Health Authorities for now, but make no mistake that there are implications for all workers in Nova Scotia. The government is using the Bill to attack the NSGEU because we are a strong, effective union of working people.They are interfering with the collective bargaining process and skewing negotiations in favour of the employer.

After watching the video you will understand why it is so important that all members stand united against it and other attacks on labour and human rights.

Read a copy of Bill 1 here:

The NSGEU recently received a copy of a letter sent to Mr. McNeil from the BC Teachers’ Federation expressing their formal opposition to Bill 1 and asking him to reconsider. Read a copy of the letter here:

October 14, 2014 Letter from British Columbia Teacher’s Federation

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