Letter of Endorsement from President Joan Jessome for Ken Georgetti for President of the CLC.


Dear members,
I was elected President of my union the same year that Ken Georgetti was elected President of the CLC. I can tell you from experience that being a labour leader is not an easy job. You face so many different personalities and priorities and emergencies that it’s impossible to please everybody all the time.

But throughout my presidency, which has kept me very involved with the CLC, Ken has earned my trust and my respect. He’s a strong leader and I know that he genuinely cares about helping all of us.

Now is not the time to change our leader: the Supreme Court is in the process of deciding the future of our labour laws, and next year, we will all have to face off against the Harper Conservatives in the federal election. We’re heading into very stormy weather, and we risk everything if we risk changing our captain now.

The CLC is all of us, not just me or you or Ken Georgetti. But we all know that Ken has proven himself a consistent and solid leader. We know that he understands our challenges and that he excels at helping us work together so that we can win together.

That’s why he has my vote, and why I hope he’ll have yours, too.
Joan Jessome,


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