Letter to Atlantic Business Magazine: Unions Play a Role in Creating Top Marks for Employers in Nova Scotia

The following is a letter President Jessome is submitting to the Atlantic Business Magazine regarding their article on the top 25 employers in Atlantic Canada.

Dear Editor,

The January/February 2015 issue of Atlantic Business Magazine  names the top 25 employers in Atlantic Canada, with 17 of them located in Nova Scotia.  Nine of these workplaces, or over half, are unionized and six of these are workplaces where employees are represented by the NSGEU (Nova Scotia Government & General Employees Union). These are: Cape Breton District Health Authority, Capital District Health Authority, Dalhousie University, IWK Health Centre, Northwood, and the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.

We are proud to represent employees who work for these employers and would like to point out the important role played by Bargaining Committees, NSGEU staff, and the process of collective bargaining in creating these “top” workplaces.

The benefits listed in the article, such as defined benefit pensions, vacation and maternity leave, have been negotiated through the collective bargaining process and are agreed to by both the union and employer. They are often not willingly provided by employers on their own. Improvements such as the ones you listed are often hard-fought and achieved over many rounds of bargaining.

When recognizing top employers, we think it is important for you to acknowledge the contribution made by the employees and their unions. They and we have worked hard to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment listed as reasons for these top marks.


Joan Jessome


Nova Scotia Government & General Employees Union


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