Local 87 – Parkland at the Lakes (SHANNEX) – Members Reject Employer’s Offer

Members of Local 87, who work at Parkland at the Lakes, have voted strongly in favour of rejecting their employer’s final offer and proceeding with the First Contract Arbitration process.

A total of 34 members (83 per cent) voted to reject the employer’s offer, while 6 voted to accept the offer, and one other spoiled their ballot.

Your bargaining committee and the NSGEU filed for First Contract Arbitration on September 17, 2013.

What is First Contract Arbitration? Either side (the union or employer) has the right to apply to the Labour Board of Nova Scotia for an imposed settlement in cases where a first collective agreement is not achieved after a period of one year. This legislation was designed to help parties reach a first collective agreement without resorting to strike or lockout. The possibility of an imposed agreement serves to encourage both the union and employer to compromise and find solutions in a timely manner. Furthermore, the Labour Board can offer the assistance of experienced senior labour, management and third-party representatives to help the parties reach an agreement.

At this point, we are waiting to hear back from the Labour Board. As soon as we have new information, we will contact you. Please remind your coworkers to contact the NSGEU and make sure their contact information is on file with us, so they receive our updates, as well!

Your bargaining committee appreciates your ongoing support.

Bargaining Committee

Jane Billyard  jane.billyard@gmail.com

Chris MacFarlane  chris.macfarlane@bellaliant.net

Bernadette Pearce  bernadette_pearce2005@hotmail.com

Grant Vaughan, Chief Negotiator

424-4063 or 1-877-556-7438



Lori Smith, ERO

424-4063 or 1-877-556-7438


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