Local 88 Rally at St.FX President’s Gala on June 8, 2013

Members of Local 88 were joined by NSGEU 1st Vice President Jason MacLean to protest the Board of Governors decision to cut 17 support staff while continuing to build new buildings, hold gala suppers and lobster boils, and give bonuses to already overpaid senior administration.

Over 40 NSGEU members carried brown bags and picket signs to draw attention to the bad decisions being made by the Board of Governors. They were joined by members of the CAW and St.FXAUT (the Association of University Teachers) and shouted chants to the women and men who were arriving to attend the President’s gala. The main banner sign read: “Enjoy your President’s gala supper while 17 support staff are brown bagging it on the unemployment line.”


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