Medical Citizenship for Mental Health: Public Talk, Monday, March 24

poster3A4Medical Citizenship Long Overdue for Mental Health:
Please Join Us for a Public Talk and Discussion on March 24

Halifax – The Mental Health Coalition of Nova Scotia and the Visiting Professor Medical Citizenship Committee (Dalhousie University) are co-sponsoring a public talk and discussion on “Medical Citizenship” with Dr. David Healy (A Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Activist from Wales),

It will be taking place on Monday, March 24, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room of Bloomfield Centre at 2786 Agricola Street in Halifax. There will also be a reaction panel moderated by Dr. Nick Delva (Head of the Department of Psychiatry at Dalhousie) with Dr. Michael Teehan (President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association), Michael Smith (A Person with Lived Experience), and Margie Archibald ( A Family Member). In addition, the audience is invited to add their views to the discussion.

According to Coalition Co-Chairperson Susan Kilbride Roper, “Our Coalition was established in 2008 to raise the priority of mental health. With one in five Nova Scotians experiencing mental illness each year, it is long overdue for doctors and all health providers to speak out about mental health. This is truly a silent epidemic that needs immediate attention.”

Ms. Kilbride Roper explained that medical citizenship means every doctor has a voice, and should use it, and every doctor’s voice matters. “If doctors cannot speak out, we have a problem.” She noted that this also applies to other health professionals and all other persons affected by or concerned with mental health. “In other words, what are the challenges and prospects for speaking out and raising one’s voice, what can be done about them, and how does this apply to mental health?”


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