Message from President MacLean about Civil Service Vote Beginning Monday at 8am

Dear NSGEU Civil Service member,

Voting on the employer’s final offer will begin on Monday, December 12 at 8 a.m. 

This government has tried to dictate contracts rather than negotiate them. Now is the time to stand together and vote “NO!”. Make your voices heard!

The employer’s final offer is a four year deal with a wage package of 0%,0%,1%, 1.5% and 0.5% on the last day of the contract. Their offer also ends a long-held benefit, the Public Service Award, which is a deferred wage benefit negotiated in the 80’s to improve recruitment and retention in the Civil Service. It freezes the benefit for all those who are current members and any new hires after April 2015 would not receive it at all.

Your bargaining committee is recommending you vote “No” to reject the employer’s final offer and support their efforts to continue negotiations to achieve a fair contract.

Send the government a message that you want to return to the bargaining table.

This is not a strike vote: the Civil Service does not have the right to strike. The next step would be conciliation and if that fails, arbitration.

How to vote:

On Monday, December 12, you will receive an email with voting instructions including a link and a PIN number. If you click on the link, you can use your PIN to vote on the employer’s final offer.

The voting information email will also include a link to a copy of the employer’s final offer which you can download.

Electronic voting will be open until noon on December 14.

If you do not receive the voting information by email before noon on Monday, Dec. 12, please call the NSGEU office at 902-424-4063 or toll-free at 1-877-556-7438.

We also ask that you talk to your co-workers and ask them if they have received an email from us on Monday. If they haven’t, you can remind them to check their junk mail folder, or ask them to please call the NSGEU.

Our extended hours during the voting period are: 

8 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Monday December 12

8 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Tuesday December 13

8 a.m. – noon on Wednesday December 14

Please vote and let your voice be heard!

In solidarity,

Jason MacLean

NSGEU President


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