New Resource for ANYONE suffering from mental illness including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dear members,
I am excited to announce a new resource – a website – for anyone suffering with mental illness including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I know we have many members who serve the public in all kinds of stressful conditions and are involved in traumatic situations that continue to affect them after the event takes place.
The website is brought to you by the Nova Scotia First Responder Steering Committee and features real Nova Scotia first responders. It offers online workplace mental health tools and resources such as self-assessments, online counseling, training materials, and mental health apps. It’s modelled after a similar best-practice program from British Columbia, customized to address the needs of first responders here in Nova Scotia.
I have been part of the First Responder Steering Committee since it was created and was glad to bring my experience as a Corrections Officer to the table. There are 12 other members of the Steering Committee which include first responders, leaders, and family members from fire, law enforcement, nursing, paramedics, government and WCB Nova Scotia. We will continue working together to develop more supports for Nova Scotians who work in emergency service occupations in the months to come.
For the official news release, please visit here.
Listen to EHS paramedic Debra Fortune, and share her talk about living with PTSD, here.
Learn more at #ShareItDontWearIt
In solidarity,
Jason MacLean
NSGEU President

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