NSGEU Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses Put Patient Safety First – See the Nursing Week Television Ad

For nursing week, we wanted to provide an opportunity for NSGEU nurses to continue to be heard on the important issues of patient safety, labour rights, and  safe nurse-to-patient ratios. Please take a moment to watch our advertisement and visit the ourstoriesarereal.ca website to hear our nurses talk about their working conditions in their own words.

Being a nurse is about caring, compassion and commitment.
We put our patients first regardless of our working conditions.
We care about you.
That’s why we are speaking up for patient safety.
We are NSGEU Registered Nurses & Licensed Practical Nurses. We put patient safety first.

Don’t forget to spread the word; “like” the ad and “like” our ourstoriesarereal website.


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