NSGEU Secretary-Treasurer, Darren McPhee attends government announcement of a new commitment to provide a more modern, community-focused support system for people with disabilities, mental health issues, and seniors.

Today, the Nova Scotia government announced they are charting a new direction for persons with disabilities, seniors and people with mental health issues. Over the next decade, they will be moving to a new support system model that will give people more choice and control over where they live and the kind of care they receive.

For more information about the announcement please visit: http://novascotia.ca/news/release/?id=20130829004

NSGEU Secretary-Treasurer, and Care Co-ordinator with the Department of Community Services, Darren McPhee was at the announcement. “We support the principle of deinstitutionalization as long as both the staff and resources that persons with disabilities currently depend on are properly resourced to follow them when moving to community placements,” says McPhee.

NSGEU member and group home worker with Local 66, Sarah Hollahan, was on the advisory committee that authored the report “Putting People First: What We Heard”.  She was excited to be part of an initiative that has the opportunity to make everything better for people with disabilities. “We need to make sure everybody is involved as this plan unfolds. If we all work on it – it will make life better for people with disabilities,” says Hollahan. Sarah agrees with Darren that it will be important for the government to follow through with the commitment to ensure the supports exist in the communities for those who need them.

For the Putting People First: What We Heard Report – click here: http://novascotia.ca/coms/putpeoplefirst/docs/What_We_Heard_English-acc.pdf

For the Putting People First: Fact Sheet – click here: http://novascotia.ca/coms/putpeoplefirst/docs/2._Putting_People_First.pdf

For information about service transformation – click here:



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