NSGEU Wins Significant Civil Service Policy Grievance

Good afternoon,

On Thursday, February 11th  the NSGEU received a significant arbitration decision on the policy grievance we filed in early 2015, following government layoffs. The grievance contended that the Civil Service employer violated the Civil Service Master Agreement in its failure to apply the job security Memorandum of Agreement (MOA#2) when members are laid off.

We have posted the entire decision online here.

If you turn to page 41, you’ll see that the arbitrator Bruce Outhouse clearly links the MOA#2 on job security (which was negotiated and has been in place for six years), with the job security provisions of Article 37 in your contract. This decision reinforces the job security language in the contract and we believe that an arbitrator would honor this decision in this round and future rounds of bargaining.

This is a tremendous victory for the NSGEU civil service members.

Please take the time to read this decision. We hope it will give you reassurance as we navigate this round of bargaining and the upcoming provincial budget.

In solidarity,

Joan Jessome

President, NSGEU

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