NSGEU’s Position on the Possible Impact of the Provincial Budget for Local 55 – Workers’ Compensation Board

On April 15th the Employer posted a dispatch via the “MyWorks” portal titled “2015-2016 Nova Scotia Budget: What WCB Employees need to know.” The posting contains a great deal of opinion, speculation, and references to how poorly the Provincial Government treats their employees. There were also analogous references to unionized employees and specifically NSGEU civil servants and WCB staff.

As it does not align with the Employer’s position and the Union was not asked to provide input, this email is intended to clarify the NSGEU’s position on the possible impact the provincial budget would have on WCB.

As the Employer correctly stated “it is too early to know what the impact is,” which calls into question the timing and relevance of the Employer’s posting. Why, if it’s too early to tell, would the Employer feel the need to speculate and make references to wage freezes and benefit claw backs?

WCB is entirely funded through Employer premiums and the only link WCB has with the provincial bargaining process is one manufactured by the Employer. There are other public sector entities that bargain without any ties to civil service bargaining and they are free to settle their contracts on their own schedule and in a manner that is consistent with the expectations of both the Employees and Employer. This, we believe, should have been the Employer’s response to any questions members had about the budget’s impact on WCB. This communication was created without Board input and typifies the results of unilateral communication. Presenting staff with a biased and intimidating communication is counterproductive and goes against the collaborative approach WCB has enjoyed in the past.

In Solidarity,

Darryl Warren

NSGEU Employee Relations Officer

Tel: 902-424-4063 | Toll Free: 1-877-556-7438

Email: dwarren@nsgeu.ca

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