Open Letter to Nova Scotians from NSGEU members working for the NSLC


As members of the Nova Scotia Government & General Employees Union (NSGEU) and employees of the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC), we are proud to deliver a responsible quality service to Nova Scotians.

We work in the distribution warehouse, in accounting, purchasing and administration, and in the stores, as both managers and clerks.

Together, we deliver a modern shopping experience in 105 NSLC stores across the province – and we’re glad to do it!

We have the public’s interest at heart.

Frontline store clerks and managers work hard to keep beverage alcohol out of the wrong hands. We ask for valid identification from any customer who appears to be under 30 (called the We ID program) to make sure we don’t sell to minors and we do not serve any customer who appears to be under the influence.

Responsible retailing is what the NSLC is legislated to do – and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

We keep prices down.

Alcohol sold through publicly-owned liquor stores actually costs you less. For example, several studies show that in British Columbia, (which has seen partial privatization of liquor sales), the prices of 43 major beer, wine and spirit products were consistently higher at private liquor stores than at public stores. Products sold at BC public liquor stores are also generally cheaper than in private stores in Alberta.

We provide a modern shopping experience with knowledgeable staff.

As NSLC employees, we are trained to be knowledgeable about the products we sell. Many stores have been renovated and redesigned to provide you with a vibrant, modern shopping experience.

In addition to the in-store experience, the NSLC offers ‘Online Aisle’ and ‘Shop the NSLC’ services for customers wishing to shop online or have their product of choice shipped to their favourite NSLC store.

For your convenience, the NSLC has 105 stores across the province.

With 105 stores located in both urban and rural communities, many attached to major grocery stores, Nova Scotians have good access to purchase beverage alcohol. Many NSLC stores are open on Sundays and in some cases until 10:00 pm through the week.

We give back to our communities.

Our jobs at the NSLC make it possible for us to earn a decent living, stay in our communities and raise our families. The wages we earn as NSLC employees go back into the economy as we support local businesses and charities. The NSLC also supports the Adopt-A-Stream program, restoring fish habitat throughout our province, and has contributed more than $2 million to the IWK Health Centre.

The NSLC’s net income supports vital public services.

The NSLC’s net income is used to benefit all Nova Scotians and is invested in public services such as health care and education. Last year (2012-13), the NSLC contributed $226 million to the provincial government. For this year (2013-14), it is estimated the NSLC will contribute almost $231 million for these vital services. The NSLC provides almost two thirds of the net income from all government business enterprises.

In short, the NSLC provides quality service, managing the sale of beverage alcohol in a responsible manner, while helping to ensure sizable revenues are given back each year to the people of Nova Scotia for vital public services.

It’s in every Nova Scotian’s interest to keep liquor sales public!

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