Media Release: NSGEU Disappointed by Cuts to Support Staff Positions at the SSRSB

June 23, 2014

South Shore – “We are disappointed by the SSRSB decision to cut school support positions in the South Shore Regional School Board including two administrative assistant positions,” says NSGEU President Joan Jessome.

“School support staff, including payroll clerks, IT technologists, and administrative assistants are critical links in our education system,” Jessome says. “Support staff do the work that is not seen but is necessary to keep the schools functioning.”

These cuts to positions will mean fewer jobs in our rural communities and fewer people doing more work in the school boards. Every position is important to the economies of our rural communities.

The NSGEU is lobbying the government to have support staff included in the Educational Review process precisely because their work is critically important but goes largely unrecognized and unacknowledged. Currently, the province has not included support staff in the review process.

NSGEU represents a variety of workers at the South Shore Regional School Board who keep the Board functioning. They include: Information Systems and Design Officer, Compliance and Training Officer, IT Support Specialist, Purchasing Officer, Head Payroll Clerk, Transportation Clerk, Payroll Clerk, Accounting Clerk, Receptionist Clerk, Purchasing Clerk, Central Office Administrative Assistant, School Administrative Assistant.


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