Media Release – NSGEU: Pleased the Province is Strengthening Public Health and Safety Services

Tuesday, November 26, 2013,

Halifax – NSGEU President, Joan Jessome is pleased the government is strengthening its public health and safety services by hiring an additional five Occupational Health & Safety Officers as a part of the province’s workplace safety strategy. All five officers will be a welcomed addition to existing  NSGEU members who provide this valuable public service. 

“OHS Officers, Special Investigators, and Technical Support Staff are doing an excellent job with the resources they have,” Jessome says. “With additional staff, they will be able to do more work in prevention, which was identified as a priority to improve the provinces health & safety services.”

In a press release yesterday, the government indicated these new workers would be helping with more targeted inspections.

“OHS Officers, Special Investigators and Technical Support Staff have been working at full capacity,” says Jessome. “We are pleased the government has recognized the need to expand the services and hire more employees.”

OHS Officers, Special Investigators and Technical Support Staff who work for the Department of Labour and Advanced Education investigate workplace accidents, conduct inspections, respond to complaints, and assist all workplace parties to understand the internal responsibility system (the foundation of the OHS Act).

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