Registries Should Remain Public; Privatization will Cost Nova Scotians – NSGEU

The Nova Scotia government announced today they are progressing to the next step in their bid to privatize Nova Scotia’s Registry of Motor Vehicles; Land Registry; and Registry of Joint Stocks.

President Jessome has been responding to the announcement in the media all day. You can view the interview with Global and CTV here.


She has spoken to the Canadian Press, The Chronicle Herald, Metro, CTV, Global, CBC television, French CBC, allnovascotia, and SouthCoastToday.

Service Nova Scotia Minister Mark Furey’s comment, that this decision will not impact salaries, benefits, or union affiliation, gives us no comfort. If privatized, working conditions, job security, and benefits will all be at risk in future rounds of negotiations.

President Jessome is likening this decision to the one made by a previous government to privatize Nova Scotia Power where we now have higher rates, bad service, and no accountability. She warns that if the province privatizes these valuable services, it will be bad news for the cost and quality of the service and will be very difficult, if not impossible, to reverse.

Nova Scotians did not elect the Liberals to privatize and dismantle the public services families count on.

We will continue to advocate against the privatization of these valuable public services.

Please watch for further updates.

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