Saint Mary’s University and NSGEU to Put Silver Lining in Retirement

Saint Mary’s University and NSGEU to Put Silver Lining in Retirement

Saint Mary’s University is partnering with Atlantic Canada’s largest union, the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union, to deliver an innovative, new program to retiring and retired NSGEU membership.  A September 11th Memorandum of Understanding between the University’s Division of Continuing Education and the NSGEU formalizes an agreement to deliver the Silver Economy Engagement Network (SEEN) programming directly to Union members.

Developed by Saint Mary’s Continuing Education Division,  the Silver Economy Engagement Network offers the 50+ population new opportunities to utilize their skills and knowledge in retirement.  “SEEN targets individuals who are thinking about retirement and gets them asking what’s next,” says Paul McGinn, SEEN Project Manager.  “When people retire from an organization, they take their knowledge and skills with them.  SEEN provides a way to harness that growing pool of knowledge to make a positive contribution to Nova Scotia’s social and economic development.”

As the representatives of approximately 30,000 members from a variety of occupations throughout Nova Scotia’s public sector, NSGEU views participation in the SEEN program as a value added opportunity to address personal and community challenges for its retiring and retired members. “We are really excited about working with Saint Mary’s on this important initiative,” says NSGEU president, Joan Jessome. “So many of our members have an abundance of knowledge and skills they would like to put to use after they retire. SEEN will help them to do that.”

A working group of representatives from the Union and University will collaborate in making SEEN available to NSGEU’s Nova Scotia members, of whom almost 600 retire each year.


From the Left Front: Dr. David Gauthier, VP Academic and Research SMU; Joan Jessome, NSGEU President. Back: Paul McGinn, SEEN Project Manager SMU; Gordon Michael, Director Division of Continuing Education SMU; Ian Johnson,  NSGEU Policy Analyst/Service Coordinator; Jason MacLean, NSGEU 1st Vice-President; Kelly Murphy, NSGEU 2nd Vice-President; Dustin Rioux, NSGEU 3rd Vice-President; Darren McPhee, NSGEU Secretary-Treasurer

Memorandum of Understanding:

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