School Board Member Update

Following last week’s vague announcement by Education Minister Zach Churchill and the lack of answers on how the announced changes will affect NSGEU members, we have reached out to Government on your behalf.

As of right now, Government officials have told us that the changes announced last week are a change in governance and not a change in employer. For instance, if you are an Educational Assistant or Clerk in the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board, your employer will remain unchanged. At this point, there are likely no layoffs or changes to pension and benefit structures planned as part of the transformation. Union representation will remain as it is now and we are to continue bargaining with your current employers on your behalf.

As for timelines, Government plans to have the new governance structure in place prior to the start of the September 2018 school year.

We do want to remind you that, with the speed in which Government is moving on this file, nothing we have been told is written in stone and is subject to change. The NSGEU was not consulted in this plan and we remain committed to holding this Government accountable for their actions and get answers our members deserve.

Government will be introducing legislation in the upcoming spring session which will clarify the situation. This is as much as we know at this moment. As information becomes available we will share it with you.

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