Stories and messages of solidarity and opposition to Bill 37 from the picket line today, April 3, 2014

President Jessome addresses the crowd of NSGEU Local 97 nurses who are on a legal strike along with their supporters from the labour movement in Nova Scotia including CUPE, UNIFOR, NSNU, PSAC, IAMAW, CUPW and others.

Canadian Labour Congress President, Ken Georgetti.

Nova Scotia Federation of Labour President, Rick Clarke.

Passage of Bill 37 was not the end – it’s just the beginning – click to read article in Halifax Media Coop

Annapolis Valley Labour Council Pickets Leo Glavine’s office in support of striking nurses – click to read article

Halifax Media Coop Article “The nurses are not in the struggle alone – Labour comes together to fight legislation” – click to read article

More With Less: A Historical View of the NSGEU Labour Dispute – click to read article

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