NSGEU is listening! We heard our members’ concerns about Advocating Parents of Nova Scotia

Dear members,

This letter is in response to concerns raised by our members about our support for Advocating Parents of Nova Scotia.

Although the decision to support Advocating Parents of Nova Scotia was made with the best intentions, our first priority is to our members who provide these valuable services to individuals throughout the province. We would like to apologize to any offence we may have caused our members by this decision and the NSGEU is withdrawing our support and will not be participating in the demonstrations on June 8th.

We are often asked as a union to support advocacy organizations and should have realized what supporting this organization would mean to our members who do this important work under often difficult circumstances.  We apologize for not looking at all of the angles of this issue and assure you this was not intentional.

In Solidarity,

Joan Jessome,




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