2024 NSGEU Amateur Sports and Fine Arts Awards Recipients

Ratified by the NSGEU Board of Directors and in accordance with the NSGEU Policy 2.10; the NSGEU Social Recreation Committee recommends that the $300.00 Amateur Sports and Fine Arts Awards be awarded to each of the following fifteen members, or dependent children of the members.

The recipient of the David Lawrence Memorial Award is:

Landon Baldasso, Member: Alicia Baldasso, Local 423 (Hockey)

The other 14 awards go to:

Breah MacInnis, Local 122 (Highland Dancer)

Kezia Tyler Clark, Member: Kristyn MacPherson, Local 1 (Dance)

Lily Hoddinott, Member: Karrie Rayne, Local 100 (Dance)

Sophie Cashin, Member: Alicia Murphy, Local 71 (Horse Riding)

Brooke Card, Member: Janelle Walsh, Local 470A (Cheer)

Ainsley Egamino, Member: Cindi Allen, Local 101 (Lacrosse)

Peter Lord, Local 267 (Athletics)

Alexis Lavers, Member: Paula Meldrum, Local 222 (Wrestling)

Aoife Marshall, Member: Richard Marshall, Local 8 (Skating)

Quinn Smith, Member: Megan Smith, Local 71A (Dance)

Isabella Beck, Member: Jacqueline Beck, Local 100 (Paddling)

Keilen Bellis, Member: Thomas Bellis, Local 8 (Swimming)

Wyatt Deeble, Member: Cheryl Pace, Local 119 (Canoe)

Hannah Mills, Member: Carmen Mills, Local 77 (Kayak)

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