Human Rights Day Events

6pm, December 10, Halifax Central Library

On December 10, Human Rights Day, the Halifax Refugee Clinic and the Nova Scotia Health Coalition are teaming up to present the documentary Seeking Refuge, followed by a panel discussion on the current refugee system in Canada.

The film screening and panel discussion will happen from 6-8pm, at the Central Halifax Library in the Paul O’Regan Hall.

The panel will be composed of three refugees who now call Canada home, as well as Peter Showler, former chairperson of the Immigration and Refugee Bard and former director of the Refugee Forum at the University of Ottawa.

The panellists will speak to the barriers they faced coming here, Canada’s complex and changing refugee system, and answer questions from members of the audience.

Seeking Refuge follows newly arrived claimants awaiting their hearings, and portrays the struggles of navigating the Canadian refugee system. This story goes through the lengthy and complicated journey that many claimants had to experience in order to be accepted as refugees in Canada. This documentary shares the joys of being accepted and the sorrow of being denied asylum. From border crossings to refugee shelters, this is a look at the lives of people who have to navigate this system after escaping war, persecution, rape, and political unrest.

Mark this date in your calendar, or contact Katelyn if you would like to volunteer!

For More information on Human Rights Day click Here!

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