NSGEU families gather for 6th annual Family Fun Day

*This article appears in the Fall 2016 issue of the Union Stand.

The annual Colchester Cumberland corn maze has become a very important event for the NSGEU Central Region. The large majority of our members do not attend monthly local meetings for a wide variety of reasons, but over the years the Corn Maze event has grown in popularity amongst our members and many of them now make time to attend this event with their loved ones.
To be able to gather roughly 1,000+ members in one location is something to be very proud of! It gives the membership an opportunity to meet other members as well as to ask questions and catch up on current union issues. The event is also an excellent venue for the Regional Council and NSGEU Executive to be on-site and promote any current issues to the members that they should be aware of. In the past, we have used this event to promote other campaigns such as the “McNeil’s Movers Campaign,” as well as the “Fairness Works” bus tour with our affiliate union, NUPGE.
This season, we had a visit from our newly elected President, Jason MacLean, who mingled with the members throughout the afternoon. It is that kind of event that helps makes members feel like they truly are a part of the NSGEU family.
Thank you to all members who came out to participate this year. We hope to see you again soon!

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