April 19 to 25 is Administrative Professionals’ Week

Administrative Professionals like you deliver information effectively and efficiently, keeping the ebb and flow of the workplace moving.

You are strongly rooted in the community and the workplace, yet flexible and able to adapt to constant change.

You are the foundation of the workplace and are relied on for strength and integrity.

Yet, your work is often invisible.

The NSGEU represents over 7,000 Administrative Professionals who work in the Civil Service, health care, school boards, universities, colleges, NSLC, tourism, housing authorities, pension services, and more. Administrative Professionals hold a great degree of responsibility in their daily activities and include: research, accounting, and payroll staff, health promoters, clerks, and secretaries, to name a few.

This week, Administrative Professionals’ Week 2020, we acknowledge the important role you play keeping our workplaces functioning smoothly and we thank YOU – for all the work you do.

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