A message from NSGEU on Black Lives Matter

To all who are feeling anger, pain, sadness, trauma and frustration in response to the racial injustices experienced by black people throughout the world the NSGEU stands in solidarity with each one of you.

Our Union is committed to advocating diversity, respect, equality and inclusiveness on behalf of our members and beyond. We have an obligation to call these actions out for what they are: anti-Black racism. As a Union we stand in opposition and condemn these intolerable acts against other human beings.

The NSGEU prides itself on representing working people in communities around the province. We strive to be a positive force in these communities where our members live, work and raise their families.

We will not be silent. We need to DO better. We need to BE better. 

And it starts with each of us.

We must challenge and push back on all forms of violence and racism. Doing nothing is not an option. In fact, it makes things worse.

Every human has the right to live, work and gather without fear of being attacked, profiled, denigrated or treated less than human.

Together we stand in solidarity and will continue to protect and advocate for more diversity, equality and inclusiveness and call out hate and racism when and wherever it appears. 

Black Lives Matter.

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