Local 41-Northwoodcare Bedford Inc: Retroactive Pay Policy Grievance Update

After your recent contract was signed, the employer indicated they intended to unreasonably delay paying Local 41 members their owed retroactive wages. The Union subsequently filed Policy Grievance P 23 340 contending the retroactive pay needed to be delivered to its employees faster. Click here to see the previous update sent May 25.

In the end, your employer actioned your retroactive pay much faster than it originally signaled it would. That faster payment satisfies the demands of the Policy Grievance, so we have determined the Retroactive Pay Policy Grievance can now be concluded as resolved.

More recently, the Union has learned of possibly connected but separate miscalculations related to how the employer is accounting for retroactive pay, government bonus incentives and CCA lift payments.

If you or fellow members are concerned that payment or repayment calculations are inaccurate, please request a formal accounting from the employer of how they arrived at their numbers.

Each circumstance should be considered on a case-by-case basis and if the employer cannot plainly account for how their figures were arrived upon, the Union will consider filing individual grievances.

If you have questions, please contact ERO Brandon Rose at the NSGEU office. Call 902-424-4063 or toll free at 877-556-7438, or email inquiry@nsgeu.ca

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