Statement re: Public Inquiry for Shooting Victims

The Nova Scotia Government & General Employees Union and its national union (the National Union of Public & General Employees) are calling for a public inquiry into the killing of 22 of our fellow Nova Scotians this past April.
One of the victims, Kristen Beaton, was an NSGEU member and was on the job at the time she was senselessly murdered. She was pregnant when she was killed. She left behind a husband, young son, and countless others who loved her deeply.
Kristen and the other 21 victims whose lives were so abruptly and cruelly taken deserve a full, open and transparent public inquiry. Their loved ones deserve answers and the opportunity for closure.
We are deeply disappointed that after more than three months of consideration, the provincial and federal government have proposed a review process, instead. The terms of reference for this review say “all documents and information collected” by the review panel during its work or in preparation of its report “shall be kept confidential.” This is unacceptable.
The events of April 18th and 19th were the largest mass shooting in our country’s history: it is shocking that government officials do not feel that this event warrants a public inquiry.
We will join Kristen’s husband, Nick, and other victims’ loved ones at a rally being held tomorrow (Wednesday, July 29th) at 10 a.m. at the Halifax Ferry Terminal. We encourage any other supporters to please join us to speak out on this important issue. Participants are being asked to respect COVID-19 precautions during the rally.

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