The NSGEU turned 60 this year!

On April 19, 2018 the NSGEU turned 60 years old.

Let’s celebrate this important accomplishment made possible by the contributions of thousands of members, past and present, who have worked in solidarity to advance the values of fairness, equality and equity.

On this day we recognize 60 years of advocating for the rights of the hard working members and their families.

Sixty years ago our union was founded as the Nova Scotia Civil Service Association. At that time, just 3,200 civil servants delivered a range of public services for people throughout the province. Over the years, the NSGEU has grown to become the largest public sector union in the province and represents more than 31,000 women and men. Our members work in wide variety of settings including: hospitals and laboratories, liquor stores, universities and public schools, and corrections facilities just to name a few.

Every member is dedicated to delivering quality public service to the people in their community.

In the year leading up to this milestone anniversary, we celebrated the work that you do with a public awareness campaign designed to showcase the diversity and strength of our union. On billboards, buses and advertising, in both traditional and new media, we have told your stories to the people of Nova Scotia.

Every day your work makes the province a better place to live, work and play. The services you provide help keep people and their families, safe, healthy and better connected. Your contributions are important, not just to those you serve every day, but to Nova Scotia as a whole.

Join us in celebrating our 60 years of accomplishments, let’s celebrate the contributions of the thousands of members, past and present, who have worked to advance the values of fairness, equality and equity, let’s celebrate our solidarity as we face the future, stronger together.


In solidarity,

Jason MacLean

President, NSGEU


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