LPN Reclassification Update

We want to provide an update on the LPN reclassification efforts, as the deadline for the most recent stage in the process expired yesterday (February 3rd).

The Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC) was not convened, though NSGEU representatives were prepared to begin the process, as the employer did not respond to our request to meet.

Now, we have written to the NSHA to formally request that the job fact sheet that was ruled on by Arbitrator Bruce Outhouse be sent on to the Joint Steering Committee (JSC) to be decided on. This stage of the process can take up to 60 business days to complete (by May 4th, 2020). This JSC is made up of one employer representative and one union representative: if these two individuals cannot come to an agreement on rating the factors in the job fact sheet, then the outstanding issues will be referred back to Arbitrator Outhouse, as he is the chair of the JSC.

If the employer continues to refuse to participate in this process, the matter will simply be referred to Arbitrator Outhouse for a decision.

We are hopeful that your employer will begin to show respect to both the LPNs and the process, and participate in the JSC stage. If not, we will need to wait for Arbitrator Outhouse’s decision. Should this matter need to be referred to Arbitrator Outhouse, our hope would certainly be that a decision would be made promptly.

We will be sending a letter to the Minister of Health and Wellness and the Minister of Labour Relations to advise them that it may be advantageous to encourage your employer to participate in the process.

We will certainly advise you of updates and timelines, once they are provided to us. We understand that this has been a long and frustrating process, but we are in it together, and we appreciate your patience as we see through the final stages of this arduous process.

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