Healthcare Locals: Update on Overtime Interpretation Issue

Following the implementation of your new collective agreement, your employer changed their practice of paying overtime based on hours paid to paying overtime based upon hours worked. We responded by filing a policy grievance on behalf of each of our health care locals. At the same time, many of our members made the decision to refuse overtime shifts that were being paid in accordance with the employer’s past practice.

On April 29, 2019, the Nova Scotia Health Authority and IWK decided to revert to their previous practice of paying overtime based on hours paid. We are now withdrawing the grievance on this issue on a without prejudice basis. However, if the employer makes any changes in this practice in the future, the Union will take whatever steps it considers appropriate to fight for your right to be fairly compensated.

Again, I want thank all of you for your dedication in seeing this through. You were strong and united, stood your ground and the employer was left with no other choice but to revert to their previous practice on the application of the overtime language in the contracts for Health Care, Support Services, Administration and Nursing.

You all deserve credit on achieving this reversal: this victory is only because of you. The united pressure you all brought to bear on this issue has forced the government to change. Working together, I know we can bring about even more changes to our broken system for the benefit of all of you and all the people you serve.

In solidarity,

Jason MacLean

President, NSGEU

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