Nurses Week member profile: Cora Haggett

In honour of Nurses week, we are profiling NSGEU Local 101 member, Cora Haggett, an LPN who works for Nova Scotia Health.

Cora has been a nurse for 10 years. She started nursing on a medical teaching unit, then moved to the East Coast Forensic unit. She is currently studying to be an RN at St. FX through the bridging program and will graduate in 2026.

Cora says some of the challenges faced in the workplace today are senior nurses retiring, aging population and staffing changes. But she is optimistic about the future of nursing.

Some of the joys of her job are she loves helping people and is fed by service. Learning is a big part of the job, and she says she is never bored.

For someone considering a career in nursing she would tell them volunteer first and make sure this is what you want to do for your career.

Cora started her career in Group Homes and has been a member of NSGEU since 2004. She says she loves being a nurse and receives so much fulfillment in her career.

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