Nurses Week member profile: Kerri Webster-McIsaac

In honour of Nurses week, we are profiling NSGEU Local 101 member, Kerri Webster-McIsaac, a Critical Care Lead with Nova Scotia Health.

Kerri has been a nurse for 35 years. A graduate from Aberdeen School of Nursing, she started her career at Veterans Memorial, then took a course in intensive care and started working in the Intensive Care unit. She says it’s been evolving and interesting, and no day is the same.

Some of the challenges faced in the workplace today are nursing shortages, the introduction of travel nurses, and people coming in sicker without physicians.

Kerri says in Nova Scotia we lead in innovation and recruiting from other countries, and she believes the latest nursing contract will help entice other nurses to move to Nova Scotia.

Some of the joys of her job are making people comfortable in their time of need.

For someone considering a career in nursing she would tell them to go for it! More than ever, the sky is the limit. She also recommends getting a solid foundation before you specialize in one field.

Kerri also encourages nurses to become educated and involved in the union, and says it has been one of the bests parts of her long career as a nurse.

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